Peacock Engineering’s Support Services

Peacock Engineering has established a Customer Support capability built around a highly experienced team. Over 400 man years of implementing and supporting Maximo across all industries and geographies, give the Peacock team a unique perspective.

The Peacock Engineering approach is to provide support to the entire customer solution; including peripheral components (mobility, scheduling etc.), integration and configurations/development. PEL recognises that this cannot be one-size fits all service. Customers have different levels of solution complexity, a wide variation in internal capability and the impact of an-availability can vary substantially.

For this reason, PEL has developed support processes, systems and measures that allow for a tailored ‘fit’ whilst maintaining efficient and repeatable internal processes. Central to this is our own Maximo and Cognos based solution support.

In order to deliver on our commitments, we have a dedicated Support Services Manager, tasked with continuously improving the support services and managing a committed team if support professionals. As a result, we have developed a set of analytics and metrics that enable our customers to benefit from efficient, reliable, cost-effective solution support through real-time business intelligence.

If you recognise the advantages that robust solution support can offer your organisation, then contact us to see our unique approach will deliver real business impact, exemplary service and achievable ROI.

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