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Fingertip Mobility


Wfingertip web copye believe strongly that for a business to gain the most from its EAM implementation, there should be well defined business processes that the system supports. The mobile or field-based elements of these processes are no different, and it is this philosophy that has guided the solution design for Fingertip.  The solution has been built around established best-practice processes and the functional design is focused on efficient execution of these processes.


Modular Design

Although published as a single application, Fingertip has several modules. These operate independently of each other and are licensed individually. However, they all leverage the common framework of Fingertip and, where appropriate, they share meta-data sets.

Licensing and entitlement to access each of the modules is managed within the User and Security Group applications in the EAM. As a mobile Fingertip user authenticates with the EAM, their entitlement to access the modules is determined and held on the device.

Intuitive Interface

The design philosophy for Fingertip is that it should be intuitive and straight-forward to use. The objective is that the users should be trained in, and clear about the business process and from that it should be self-evident how to use and interact with Fingertip.


The Fingertip framework has been designed to meet the rigorous data security standards typically deployed in both commercial and government organisations. Through adoption of the TLS1.2 encryption protocol, Fingertip provides full data security both on the device and during data transmission.


Fingertip provides for both connected and disconnected use; allowing users to bring work details down onto the device while connected and then continue working seamlessly through periods of being disconnected. Fingertip will store the pending transactions in a sequential order such that when a connection is re-established, these can be transmitted in order to ensure that all business rules are preserved.  Fingertip supports both 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity, switching seamlessly between the two.


Functionality in Fingertip 3.2 includes:


Ability to add Failure Codes

 for failure reporting and classification purposes.


Facility to input Meter Readings

 against asset and location in a Work Order.


Multiple Asset / Location capability

to enable users to include many assets / locations on a single Work Order.


Introduction of mobile forms

supporting multiple form-based data capture requirements against a single Work Order (Inspections, Audits, Surveys, Risk Assessments, etc.).


GPS tagging of images

showing the exact locations of image capture.


Interim fix facility

supporting SLA driven commitments for ‘made safe’ and ‘interim fix’ scenarios.


Flexible status mapping and transition

allowing clients to align their mobile processes with those in IBM Maximo without the need for configuration or customisation.


Efficiency gains via background sync

enabling activities to continue while data downloads are carried out in the background.


More intuitive UI

for improved user experience.


Speeding up user interaction

between areas within a Work Order.


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