Organisations within the transportation industry are continuously searching for new and innovating methods, to improve different aspects of their businesses.

Peacock Engineering’s solutions are centred on IBM’s Maximo Asset Management system, in which we have over 400 man years of implementing and supporting Maximo across all industries. We understand how to deliver cost-effective asset and service management solutions in the transportation industry, including rail, aviation and shipping. Peacock Engineering implements unique solutions that include; life cycle costing, motor pool, labour qualifications, driver logs, fuel and fluid management. As a result, our transport clients have improved the control of their assets and maintenance operations through better procurement, inventory, work and asset management.

Many of our clients have also benefitted from our mobile solution Fingertip. Organisations who rely heavily on vehicle checks, incident reporting, service requests and inventory have seen a huge impact from discarding paperwork to complete such documentation. Fingertip operates in real time, online and/or offline, meaning once a technician has synchronised and picked up work, they can seamlessly carry out all aspects of the work, including record status changes and log notes etc. This data is stored and transferred back to Maximo once a signal is available.

Maximo and Fingertip integrate together to provide a full understanding of costs. Inventory stock levels are automatically linked to stock usage and manual processes and administration time is hugely reduced. Downtime of vehicles can be reduced as it is easier to identify the parts availability.