Project Description

Testing to the Limits Teaser Trailer

Peacock Engineering took system testing to a new dramatic level. Over two weeks the team tested IBM’s Maximo and its own Fingertip system to the limits when it used the two systems to support the team as they crossed the Himalayas on motorbikes designed in the 1940s. Maintaining equipment at an altitude of over 5,000 metres was always going to be tough, but when that equipment is moving along the highest road in the world it takes determination and great software to keep the assets rolling. The team used Maximo, located in Peacock’s UK hosting centre, to plan and record maintenance and bike failures, and Fingertip to record reliability and repair activity. Fingertip’s geo-location tools tracked the position of the riders and the location and altitude of all breakdowns and repairs. Photographs of events and incidents will be transmitted back to base using Fingertips new HSE reporting tools.

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