Project Description

Tayside Fire and Rescue Case Study

Tayside Fire and Rescue implements a dynamic asset management solution that predicts faults before vital equipment can fail, saving thousands of lives.

With more than 15,000 emergency calls received annually, Tayside Fire and Rescue needed to ensure around-the-clock availability of all its critical emergency response assets.

Tayside Fire and Rescue used resources from Peacock Engineering Ltd to deliver a robust and audit compliant asset management solution to ensure its firefighters stayed safe and were confident the clothing worn was fit for purpose and the equipment required was available.

The new asset management solution tracks all firefighting assets carried on the fire and rescue vehicles, from advanced life-support equipment and extrication tools to protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatuses.

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“The new asset management solution instils the confidence that our firefighters are properly equipped and that local communities are getting the value they deserve from our service.”

Steve Gunning, Technical Manager, Tayside Fire and Rescue
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