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Seamless Asset Management Brochure

Roger Walker Peacock Engineering and Paul Whitelam Click held a joint webinar on ‘How using Best in Class gives a seamless asset management approach’. The session looked at how integrating the best-in-class solutions drives end-to-end value for an organisation. Fingertip is Peacock Engineering’s mobile solution which keeps the whole organisation connected and delivers knowledge where it’s needed.

There are a number of well-established integrations already being used with Maximo including SCADA/building management systems; cognitive analytics; business intelligence; finance and ERP systems. Then there are bolt-ons for mobile inventory management and inventory analytics. The session though looked specifically at mobile work management and schedule optimisation.

These were illustrated with an example of how Fingertip (for mobile work execution), Maximo (the work and asset management system) and ClickSchedule (for schedule and resource optimisation) integrate seamlessly together.

Download Peacock Engineering and ClickSoftware’s Seamless Asset Management Brochure to discover more about the the end-to-end solution.

Seamless Asset Management Brochure
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Seamless Asset Management

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