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Rapid Implementation for Maximo Upgrade Case Study

How we reduced five days of downtime to three hours

The FM client uses Maximo to run 32 of its FM contracts, and like many within the FM industry, there was a financial challenge to upgrading Maximo. However, the client was using version 6.2 and needed to upgrade to 7.6.

Peacock Engineering, as leading Maximo experts, developed a rapid implementation system that reduced the downtime and allowed the clients’ users to continue using their old system during the upgrade activities.

Having a planned outage of only three hours for the upgrade and mobility implementation, meant their users were able to continue working on their clients’ FM accounts on Maximo.


“When the expected downtime for our recent Maximo upgrade was estimated in days and not hours, we challenged Peacock to come up with a better way. The innovative approach they came back with meant our business could continue to function while Peacock did what had to be done. It also gave us valuable flexibility in choosing when we wanted to experience the short periods of downtime that were still needed.”

Adrian Hannam, Head of Customer Projects, Top 3 FM Organisation
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