Project Description

Part 3: Integrating Maximo and Fingertip with the IBM Cloud

Maximo Asset Management is the market leader in Enterprise Asset Management software. It uses powerful analytics and cloud technologies to enable predictive maintenance and allows organisations to manage asset operations and business processes, whilst integrating them with existing applications.

For Peacock Engineering’s trip to the Himalayas, Maximo 7.6 was used and stored in Peacock’s own infrastructure. Peacock Engineering has begun using the IBM Cloud which has been proven to be incredibly reliable.

Setting up Maximo included creating a maintenance regime to undertake daily inspections on motorbikes. Four bikes were set up and had mobile inspections forms allocated to each bike. These were tested prior to the trip but how does this compare to using the forms out in the field?

Peacock Engineering is currently undertaking work for London Buses. They required a solution that would reduce costs and improve effectiveness for performing daily inspections on the buses. Fingertip was the solution chosen by the client as it eliminates paper which reduces costs, provides real-time updates and allows necessary reports to be completed within Maximo for compliance.

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