Project Description

Meet Mike Knapp, Director of Peacock Engineering and Motorbike Team Member in the Himalaya

Peacock Engineering is one of Europe’s leading asset and service management consultancies and is the UK’s Maximo, mobile and scheduling expert.

Mike Knapp is Peacock Engineering’s Sales and Marketing Director and Consulting Partner. With a passion for motorbikes and extreme motivation, Mike enjoys touring the world and riding in some of the most challenging environments. This time, it was the Himalayas turn.

Discover the Maximo solution in this video and why Peacock Engineering chose to undertake their own user acceptance testing of their own mobile solution. Whether an energy and utility organisation, or an offshore wind farm or oil rig, Peacock Engineering’s testing faced the industry challenges of undertaking maintenance of equipment, motorbikes in this case, and used the technology in a completely disconnected environment. Driving on roads in the Himalayas that are not in the best condition means that the motorbikes needed to be inspected every day. This allowed the team to push the software and understand the restraints of Preventive Maintenance Work Orders that struggle to reach a mobile device.

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