Project Description

How to enhance the user experience by integrating IBM Inspections with a mobile solution

Any organisation who requires the collection of data needs an effective process to eliminate administrative errors to reduce costs. This webinar provides a clear insight into a complete solution if you:

  • Carry out ATEX inspections.
  • Complete electrical checks.
  • Inspect power outages.
  • Complete vehicle inspections.

With IBM’s Maximo Asset Management, organisations have more control over the production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation and communication assets with the ability to manage them all on one common platform. In Maximo’s latest release, there have been enhancements to the Inspection tools to improve the overall user experience.

Peacock Engineering has adopted these improvements, becoming the first business partner in the UK to integrate an offline mobile solution with the Inspection tools and Work Centres.

Peacock Engineering’s Product Development Manager, Jeff Cechinel, demonstrates this cutting-edge solution.

The session will cover:

  • Setting up IBM Inspection in Maximo
  • Completing IBM Inspections in Fingertip
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Live Q&A
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