Project Description

Infinis – Fingertip Upgrade

Enhancing safety processes and demonstrating compliance to industry standards


Infinis was using paper-based systems to report and manage accidents and incidents, as well as follow up activities. The company was looking for a reporting system to allow the electronic recording of accidents and incidents in the field.

Peacock Engineering proposed that Infinis upgrade to the latest version of Fingertip v4.4 which delivers the Fingertip HSQE Management as well as putting Infinis onto the latest mobile release.

Fingertip HSQE Management has provided Infinis with a faster, easier and auditable process to track and manage accidents, incidents and observations. This process ensures that Infinis is in compliance with the RIDDOR Health and Safety requirements.

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“The Fingertip HSQE Management mobile application suite provides the functionality for our engineers to report incidents and near-misses as well as accident details when and where they occur, whilst going about their day-to-day work. With a totally automated and auditable process, we can now manage and monitor all records to help to prevent incidents and accidents.”

Neil Douglas, Head of IT, Infinis
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