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How Maximo overcomes the life sciences industry’s key regulated environment challenges

The challenges of operating in the life sciences sector are increasing; the need to continually push innovation to develop new products to bring to market while dealing with questions over drug pricing and value-based healthcare have direct financial consequences for organisations.  In addition the challenges faced operating within a regulated environment bring an additional layer of complexity.

We have worked with a number of life sciences organisations including Lifescan, Penn Pharma and Napp Pharmaceuticals to look at how IBM Maximo and a robust asset management strategy can provide an obvious solution.

Using our experience we have created “How Maximo can help overcome the 4 key challenges of working in a regulated environment”, looking at how life sciences organisations can use Maximo’s functionality and capability to overcome the key industry challenges of:

  • Transparent supply chains to create full traceability of products

  • Demonstrating compliance within a volatile environment

  • Quality levels and the importance of calibration

  • The role of technology and the rise in predictive analytics

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To view the full report of “How Maximo can help overcome the 4 key challenges of working in a regulated environment” click here below.

Maximo and Regulations in Life Sciences
Building Information Model

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