Project Description

Fingertip Planner Work Center

Peacock Engineering’s newly developed Fingertip Planner Work Center application has been designed to collate complex data in an accessible format, whilst operating in conjunction with Maximo and our mobile solution Fingertip. This application is designed for viewing the workload of multiple users at a glance, as well as for allocating and rescheduling work. Work Centers also operates in combination with our mobile solution Fingertip, allowing the workforce to see updates in real-time. Team leaders, engineers, technicians and analysts in an organisation can be given access to use a Work Center, to assists in the managing of roles within Maximo.

Using our expert knowledge, Lucas Heron, lead developer, will discuss:

  • What is a Work Center – How to use Fingertip Planner Work Center
  • Benefits and challenges of Fingertip Planner Work Center
  • Technical Demonstration

Your presenter is lead developer, Lucas Heron Hosted by Product Development Manager, Jeff Cechinel

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