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The UK Government’s Construction Strategy 2011-2015 recognised that the construction industry needed to challenge existing business models and practices. This was in order to create a collaborative methodology that would reduce costs and improve innovation throughout the supply chain. The result is that all UK Government construction projects, as of 4 April 2016, now include BIM.

BIM is the digital avatar of the built environment. It holds and visualises the physical and functional characteristics of the built environment in a format that can be readily shared throughout the whole supply chain over its lifetime. This central knowledge resource pool brings the owner, contractor and operator closer together. The shared approach means that collaboration is fostered, reducing the blame-game culture, investing in the asset sustainability and improving the overall asset management. The result is better built and maintained buildings.

Download Peacock Engineering’s BIM Brochure to discover more about the potential benefits of integrating BIM into your Asset Management system.

BIM Brochure
BIM Brochure for Asset Management

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