Peacock Engineering will be testing Maximo and Fingertip when they cross the Himalayas in June. Lead Rider and Director of Peacock Engineering Mike Knapp said “In the Himalayas we’ll set Fingertip to sync with Maximo whenever it sees a connection, but we could go days without a signal. Those Buddhist monasteries are not renowned for their networks.”

The Journey

Riding the legendary Royal Enfield 500, the riding team will ride about 2100 km in the heart of one of the most isolated regions of the planet. The journey will depart from Shimla, and take riders to Kinnur, the Spiti Valley and Ladakh regions. The riders will discover small villages and interact with the locals. The trip will be challenging, with crossings through many water streams, lakes and deserts. The Himalayas is a paradise for motorcycle riders with its spectacular views of the highest peaks in the world. The high Indus Valley offers incredible landscapes and impressive cultural wealth. The winding roads traverse deep gorges with breathtakingly beautiful vistas. Ladakh is also a Mecca of the Tibetan Buddhist culture. For centuries, many monasteries and stupas have been an integral part of these surreal landscapes. The team will have the opportunity to visit the most prestigious sites and meet many of the monks.

The Route

The journey will begin in New Delhi and the motor biking will begin in Kalka. Below is a list of all the stops along the way.

5.Chandra Tal
7.Tso Kar
9.Tso Moriri

The final destination is Shoja and the team will depart from here on an overnight bus back to New Delhi. The line graph displays the height, distance and cumulative distance for the trip. The highest point of the trip is at 5358 metres in Leh.

To follow the journey follow the team at #testingtothelimits or on our LinkedIn or Twitter Pages.