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Darren Scrowston, Support Manager discusses why a Managed Cloud Service is a favourable choice for any organisation with both pre-designed packages and completely customisable bespoke solutions available.  A Managed Cloud Service provides a number of benefits to organisations, including scalability and on-going maintenance.

The Peacock Engineering Managed Cloud Service provides a scalable solution that allows for growth in client business, user numbers, complexity or customization and which can always be scaled up as required.

Support and Maintenance
Once implemented, we are able to provide ongoing support and maintenance.  This means:

  • the availability of the provisioned solution with minimal risk of unplanned downtime and business disruption (targeted at 99.5% uptime within our SLA);
  • the support for incidents (major and minor) to a response and resolution time SLA through the inbuilt provision of our Extended Support product, and;
  • a schedule of planned and preventative maintenance works to ensure the optimal performance of both the underpinning platform infrastructure as well as the provisioned software product itself to vendor best practice.
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