Peacock Engineering is attending the Hazardex & PPTex Conference at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. We are keen to hear representatives from highly hazardous industries discuss the role of digitalisation in improving efficiencies and saving costs, and the importance of safety and compliance.

Asset management systems can be a key component in identifying maintenance savings, minimising costly failures and creating more effective business working practices for maintenance and  asset management teams. All of these contribute to helping the organisation achieve a competitive advantage for a sustainable existence.

To assist companies operating within hazardous environments (i.e. Oil & Gas, Utilities), we have developed Fingertip – a unique ATEX mobile asset management solution that integrates directly with Maximo and allows operatives in the field to conduct inspections.  Engineers complete the inspection routine by answering a series of questions with either a numerical value, open text etc, dependent on the set up in Maximo. The data is transferred from Maximo to Fingertip and from Fingertip to Maximo in real-time. This allows necessary reports and compliance audits to be produced.

Furthermore, the ATEX inspections capability operates in Fingertip’s Core Framework and meets the compliance requirements for inspecting assets with atmospheric explosion risks. This module is flexible and is suitable for all types of processes and driven inspections, such as building conditions, audits, electrical inspections, safety inspections, meter readings and asset data collection.

Using this solution creates workforce efficiencies, eliminates paper processes, enables data collection at the point of work and helps the overall asset management strategy.

Click below to read how Fingertip mobility can achieve regulatory compliance for ATEX.

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