Fingertip is a mobile solution developed by the Peacock Engineering team. It reflects individual industry needs and delivers the functionality that each industry requires. Fingertip extends Maximo into the field, taking advantage of mobile technology to enhance Maximo’s capabilities.

Fingertip uses Peacock Engineering’s unique mobile forms capability for Maximo. On the device, Fingertip uses these forms to support highly tailored inspection and data collection activities on a mobile platform. They are completely configurable within the Maximo application, meaning they can be defined in a design that suits any organisations particular requirement.

Many mobile solutions today replicate Maximo onto the device. Throughout Peacock Engineering’s research and development stage, they found that it was important to produce a design that fulfils all of Maximo’s functionality, whilst being displayed in a clear and easy to use manner for a better user experience.

Fingertip has been developed as one structures, with a number of additional modules that work together effortlessly in one application. Our clients have identified to use that this framework operates seamless, compared to other solutions that produce numerous separate applications for different functionality.  Fingertip’s modules include; a core framework, Work Execution, Inventory, Live Work Orders and Dispatcher.

Fingertip provides a solution to overcome numerous industry issues. With signatures capture, mobile forms, failure coding, risk assessment acknowledgements, GIS/Mapping, service requests, work order history and multiple sync options, Fingertip has proven to make a technician’s working day easier.

Fingertip can eliminate paper entirely as certificates for inspection and services are produced digitally. Dragon LNG used a manual, paper processed ATEX inspection process before Fingertip. Converting this process to an entirely digital Fingertip inspection, allowed a 300% increase in job throughput and enabled them to meet their compliance requirements. The mobile solution allows users to manage work and labour in off-shore oil and gas environments, allowing zone 1, zone 2 and ATEX inspections to be completed on intrinsically safe rated devices.

“Fingertip for Maximo has enabled us to record actual tool time. Our work orders are closed in a timely manner for better data analysis.”

John Jones, Maintenance Planner, Dragon LNG

Built on IBM’s MobileFirst Application Development Platform, Fingertip uses a hybrid design methodology to support all platform supporting systems (Android, Windows and iOS devices).

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