Measures in place in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of events surrounding COVID-19, the team at Peacock Engineering would like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers and partners that our Business Continuity provisions are working well, and we continue to service our clients’ needs for services and support.

The company is following government guidance, and since Monday 16 March has implemented a 100% remote working model. The advice for companies relating to Coronavirus is extremely dynamic and we are working hard to stay one step ahead.  Whilst our overarching concern is for the welfare of our staff, the whole team are determined to support our customers through these testing times.

As a leading edge IT organisation we already operated a remote working strategy as part of our Business as Usual and as a result, our transition to total remote working has gone smoothly and we continue to deliver projects and support to the highest possible standards. We will continue to monitor the current situation and will immediately advise if anything changes.

Peacock Engineering’s Business Resilience status

  • Peacock Engineering is currently unaware of any impact to customer service or technology functions due to COVID-19.

  • Peacock Engineering maintains business continuity plans for key customer service and technical product support functions for multiple scenarios, including a disruption to workplace access and unavailability of employees.

  • Peacock Engineering in many cases normally supports flexible working arrangements throughout the workforce, so on any given day, a number of our employees work remotely and securely away from our office locations. This “business as usual” approach ensures that the company has the technological capability (i.e. VPN bandwidth) and established work culture to continue to deliver, despite any physical disruption.

  • Many of our customer service and technology functions are based in multiple global locations which provides operational resilience during any disruption.

Managed Service Provision: We are continuing to use Rackspace who have shored up their own business operations to ensure business continuity.

  • Rackspace business continuity plan is effect and working.

  • Majority of more than 6000 employees transition to a work from home model without interruption.

  • Rackspace offices and data centres are secure and fully operational.

  • Click below to read Rackspace’s dedicated COVID-19 page.


Office Location, Business Travel and Employee Awareness Status

  • All Peacock Engineering offices are now closed  – Amersham, Bristol, Leatherhead, Leeds and Bangalore.

  • 100% of our multi-sited office employee population is under a work from home recommendation including those based in Bangalore, India

  • Peacock Engineering complies with all current and any future travel, quarantine and contact restrictions following the UK Government’s guidance and regional health authorities

  • In line with UK and Indian Government guidelines, Peacock Engineering has implemented a complete restriction on all international business travel and limited domestic travel for its employees

  • Any employee who has travelled through high impact areas identified by health authorities,  or has been in contact with someone being tested or has shown symptoms, or themselves has been confirmed as infected with COVID-19  before the social distance guidelines were instigated, has been working from home.

  • Peacock Engineering has created resources for our staff that include guidance regarding personal health and safety and cyber security hygiene

Supply Chain & Vendor Management Status

  • It is normal business practice at Peacock Engineering to regularly assess business continuity risk related to vendors and service providers.

  • At this time, Peacock Engineering has not identified any material risk to our continued operations due to any supplier disruption.

  • This is an ongoing assessment and our vendor management and Resilience teams will continue to review this position during the current event.

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