Peacock Engineering will be testing Fingertip and Maximo in the Himalayas, pushing them to their limits. Peacock Engineering will be using a number of features from Maximo and Fingertip alongside PEL Support, to assist themselves and the motorbikes throughout the trip.


Maximo continues to be a leading enterprise asset management solution. The latest version, 7.6, contains many new features including; business intelligence, work assignment resources and new behaviour changes around task completion. Peacock Engineering will be using the latest version for planning and recording maintenance and failures of the bikes.


Fingertip will be used to record reliability and repair activity of the bikes. It’s geo-location tools will track the position of the riders, the location and altitude of all breakdowns and repairs. Fingertip’s GIS feature is integrated within the Work Execution Module. It provides a clear display of the location of assets and work orders.

Work Orders

Work Orders and Follow-on Work Orders will be created using Fingertip and Maximo. Using Fingertip’s unique mobile forms capability for Maximo, the motorbike team will complete highly tailored inspections from the device. Daily vehicle checks will use this capability and capture key information which Fingertip transfers this data back to Maximo.


For Health and Safety Management, PEL will use Fingertip’s new HSE reposting tool. If an incident is to occur, the riders create an Accident/Incident report on the device. Photographs of events and incidents will be transmitted back to base, where the appropriate actions will be undertaken.

IBM Cloud

Data will be transferred from Maximo to the device and from the device to Maximo using the IBM cloud. The IBM Cloud uses extended capabilities of engaging and powerful services from data such as IBM Watson Internet of Things.


Support tickets will be raised from the Himalayas and sent to PEL Support for the team to review. They will then be able to review the support tickets and find the most common faults across the trip.

PEL Support

PEL Support will be located in Peacock Engineering’s UK hosting centre to assist with tickets throughout the trip. They will manage all the data transferred from Fingertip and will be the source of connection and communication.

Peacock Engineering have produced a short Solutions video that lets you to discover these solutions. If you would like to discover more about our solutions please contact either or

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