IBM Maximo Roadmap

IBM Maximo®Roadmap

Choosing the right Enterprise Asset Management System is of paramount importance because it becomes an irreplaceable part of an organisation’s strategy. IBM Maximo® has consistently been rated by Gartner and Forrester as the market-leading asset management solution featuring advanced analytic tools and dedicated IoT integrated solutions.

IBM Maximo® has issued its latest Enterprise Asset Management Offerings and 2 year Roadmap which showcases the solution’s expanding portfolio up to H2 2021.

Planned for H1 2020 is the introduction of Maximo for Civil Infrastructure 7.6.x which is designed to extend the life of highways, bridges and utilities with digital monitoring for early warning signs. It provides infrastructure operations and optimizations and key ecosystem partnerships. Functionality includes:-

  • Simple templates for Asset Classification and job plans
  • Defect Management with current capability
  • Maintenance planning and management dashboard
  • Situational awareness
  • Geospatial infrastructure optimisation and management

Also set for H1 2020 and relevant to all asset heavy sectors are the updates to Asset Performance Management (APM) – a Maximo suite that monitors the health of assets and identifies those in need of attention.

Infused with advanced analytics, AI and industry-customized applications, IBM Maximo APM helps operations and reliability leaders understand how and when assets fail, enabling them to take the best actions to optimize asset performance whilst reducing costs. By delivering insights at the point of action, unplanned repair work is minimized, equipment failure reduced, asset availability is increased and the life of an asset is extended.

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