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IBM Cognos Analytics helps generate effective reporting in Maximo for Life Sciences

Having a robust reporting functionality that allows companies to generate bespoke reports effectively is a key requirement for life science companies. Enabled by a set of augmented intelligence (AI) features, IBM Cognos helps your business users and report developers create a wide variety of reports and workspaces to analyze the vast amounts of data that is generated by Maximo Asset Management.

CIOs, Operations Directors, Financial Directors want to be able to accurately answer “what’s happening” in the business.  That means that they need to know: if any data is missing or incorrect; do the visualisations tell the full story; are individual assumptions making the interpretation misleading? IBM Cognos Analytics provides users with more power to perform relevant analysis and make business critical decisions around cost efficiencies and compliance. Integrating IBM Cognos with Maximo provides a number of benefits:-

  • It allows you to visualise your business performance in order to make improvements
  • Saves time and resources with automated data preparation
  • Lets AI help uncover patterns within your data to show trends or opportunities for corrective action

Peacock Engineering recently worked with Guerbet; we upgraded their Maximo asset management system, provided Fingertip to create a paperless mobile solution and integrated IBM Cognos to develop in-house bespoke reports.  Click here to view the Guerbet Case Study.