Fingertip updates

Fingertip Release News

Fingertip is continuously being updated with new functionality to ensure that it remains a leading mobile solution for companies who have field-based teams or mobile technicians and engineers.  It has been designed as part of an end-to-end asset management solution that combines Fingertip, IBM Maximo and Click Field Service Edge and is considered a natural choice for Maximo users who are looking for an integrated solution that extends Maximo into the field.

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MARCH 2020 (4.6.4)

NOVEMBER 2019 (4.6.3)

AUGUST 2019 (4.6.2)

JULY 2019 (4.6.1)

MAY 2019 (4.5.4)

APRIL 2019 (4.5.3)

MARCH 2019 (4.5.2)

JANUARY 2019 (4.5.1)