Peacock Engineering has officially announced the launch of Fingertip Mobility 4.5 to the market.  This version continues our pursuit of an exceptional user experience combined with deep functional capability to support the field workforce processes. This strategy is under-pinning the increasing user-base across a wide range of industry domains.

The Fingertip team at Peacock Engineering is continuously developing the product to enhance their end-to-end solution combining Fingertip, Maximo and Click Field Service Edge.

This latest version of Fingertip has introduced a new module for Supply Chain Management to support field-based purchase requisitioning and receiving, as well as two new add-ons – Calibration to support the Life Sciences sector, and GIS/Mapping which allows users to view the Location of Assets and Work Orders. This feature also supports updating of Asset location through dropping and positioning of a pin on a map, as well as route navigation to assigned work.

With the user experience at the forefront, the latest version of Fingertip has seen refreshments to its usability and performance.  A more detailed list of enhancements and new features is included below:

  • Fingertip Scan: Application login using fingerprint scanning on supported devices.
  • GIS/Mapping: View Work Orders and Assets on; ESRI ArcGIS Maps, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps. Drag and drop assets on a map to update associated service addresses.
  • Tabs: Swipe to view more tabs. Forms now have a dedicated tab where users can select and manage both Fingertip Mobile Forms and Inspections.
  • Inspections: Maximo 7.6 Inspections integrate with Fingertip and are supported for offline working. Inspections and Mobile Forms are supported as parallel options for field-based data collection, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both. Mobile Forms are supported on all versions of Maximo, whereas Inspections are limited to 7.6.x only.
  • Available Work: A significant new capability within the Work Execution module that allows mobile users to see not only work that has been scheduled and assigned to them, but also to view the available work backlog. Users are able to self-assign one or more Work Orders, or to assign them to another mobile worker.
  • Work Centres Updates: Maximo Work Supervision integration. Ability to assign work through drag and drop onto a simple Gantt view, and to dispatch work from within the Gantt.
  • General User Interface and Performance Improvements.

“Fingertip Mobility is a client-driven product. We listen to, and work with, both our customers and the wider Maximo community to fully understand the issues and challenges of delivering work in both plant and field-based environments. The new add-on Calibration where full off-line working is supported is a good example of this.  Technicians are able to record the detailed calibration readings and validated the calibration outcome while standing in front of the instruments. This means that any correction and re-calibration can be done immediately rather than having to get the data back into Maximo before the result is available. This capability has already been implemented with one of our Pharmaceutical clients. Beyond this, the Fingertip team continues to improve the user experience and look for opportunity to improve field workforce efficiency and effectiveness.”

Roger Walker, Director, Peacock Engineering
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