Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment

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In business, the old adage ‘time is money’ is well worn. Here at Peacock Engineering, we have been working hard on technologies that save you time when upgrading and developing Maximo.

Peacock Engineering use continuous integration on both new and existing Maximo implementations and has developed MADE – the Maximo Automated Deployment Engine which deploys the version controlled project artifacts to controlled environments and in a sequence tailored specifically to the needs of each individual project.

Put simply, this means there are faster build cycles and quicker implementation delivery times, fewer staff requirements (only one engineer is required to write scripts to automate tests), and tests can be run from DAY ONE of every project ensuring high level of quality.

Traditional manual development approaches often involve lengthy development cycles and introduces several areas of project risk:

  • Complex manual deployment steps can be prone to human error
  • The manpower needed to execute each test cycle is costly
  • If bugs are identified during testing, many months may have passed since functionality was developed, and so the consultants involved may not be easily available to fix

Steve Chatten, Peacock Engineering’s Technical Manager discusses the key benefits of Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment.