Ensuring 24/7 availability of assets within manufacturing requires a clear visualisation of the business performance.  Afterall, good information is the foundation for good decisions around production lines, infrastructure and logistics.

To be able to accurately answer “what’s happening” in the business, it is essential to know: is any data missing or incorrect; do the visualisations tell the full story; or are individual assumptions making the interpretation misleading?

Being able to use the functionality of IBM Cognos Analytics means they can use the AI business intelligence platform to integrate with Maximo.  Resulting in the organisation being able to visualise, analyse and share actionable insights.

Clients are seeing that adopting Cognos with Maximo provides a number of benefits:

  • allows you to visualise your business performance
  • save time with automated data preparation
  • lets AI help uncover patterns within your data
  • protects the data
  • shares critical insights easily

See how Cognos is being used by organisations to help their business

How Cognos is being used.