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Benefits for Roles

Managing Director

Asset management solutions that ensure you have the trusted information required to run your business or division.

Managing Director

Information captured out on-site is designed to support the commercial drivers of the business, giving real-time access to the data.

As a Director, you have visibility of the data on asset costs, productivity levels and issuing of warnings.

A system should be able to support your key drivers whether it is cost reduction, productivity more effective billing, demonstrating SLA compliance or maximising revenue through correct work classification.

By having the information available in real-time, it provides transparent and granular visibility of work at a Director level – which means that you always have access to business data.

IT Director or Manager

Asset management solutions that are adaptable, supportable, scalable and secure.

IT Director or Manager

As IT Director, you can be reassured that the system is robust and resilient; the mobile solution is built on IBM MobileFirst.

Our integrated solutions employ the latest development and communication standards.

There is a range of options, you can choose from Managed Service, on-premise or a hybrid in your private cloud. We provide a comprehensive support service including hardware ownership and management to you and your users. To ensure that users are engaged and involved, the comprehensive user and administration documentation are provided. There is a 24×7 support desk following ITIL processes and methodologies and efficient on-boarding and mobilisation of additional mobile resources.

The integrated best-in-class solution provides reassurance that we will deliver the ultimate asset management system.

Engineering Director or Manager

Asset management solutions that give you clear accurate data from the point of work, safety, compliance and cost control.

Engineering Director or Manager

The combined Maximo, scheduling and mobility solution gives you real-time visibility of data, allowing you to understand asset status, work status and warnings.

The system is designed to give you the information you need to carry out your role as Engineering Director.  This includes data provided by the maintenance technicians including diagrams, work and failure history, SCADA/PLC alarm data, work instructions.

Our solutions are built by engineers for engineers.


Asset management solutions provide a value for money solution for our clients in the area of Supply Chain management.


We work closely with our all the stakeholders to identify where efficiencies can be found and how the system will provide a suitable return on investment.

As the owner of the procurement process, you can be assured that the team will work closely with you to ensure the right solutions are provided at the right cost.

All of the commercials are handled by our expert team, ensuring they are dealt with effectively to prevent project delay.

By procuring our solution you can be assured that the business has the ultimate asset management system.

Workforce Managers

Asset management solutions that ensure you stay in control of the workforce, particularly when it is field-based, or when Work Order volumes are high.

Workforce Managers

The system is designed to allow real-time information to be captured from mobile devices into the Maximo, giving you live visibility of the workforce.

Having a granular and real-time view of work status and progress, you know who is where, what is happening and what will happen next.

Our solutions also give you the flexibility to execute work reactively while on-site, or to capture for future execution. By identifying the time and materials consumption at the point of work, stock levels can be carefully monitored.

The system also records HSE compliance through job safety analysis and risk assessments out in the field, allowing you to track.

Our integrated Maximo, scheduling and mobile solution means that that you are able to effectively manage your workforce.

Planners / Schedulers

Asset management solutions that provide you with end-to-end visibility, keeping you in control of the workforce, tasks and resources.

Planners / Schedulers

The integrated solution of Maximo, scheduling and mobility means you have real-time availability and visibility of work status and workforce location.

In addition, the optimised scheduling drives improved productivity and utilisation ensuring the right person is allocated to the right job at the right time.

The real-time notification of work arising in the field lets planners and schedulers respond immediately, which means that you remain in control over how and when work is sent out.

Users / Field Workforce

Asset management solutions that are fast and intuitive to use – they are designed for technicians, engineers and field-based workforce.

Users / Field Workforce

Whether remote or office-based, the system provides all the information required to undertake maintenance work efficiently and effectively.

The system provides an easy way to collect data whatever the role.  It is designed to ensure that only relevant work information is shown, with adaptive design to reflect the device being used, whether company-supplied or BYOD.

For users working in a highly-volatile environment the system can be used with ATEX compliant devices, either off or on-line; keeping users in touch and eliminating the need for paper-based systems.

The system is designed to save users time, eliminating the need for separate timesheet completion.  Whether carrying out risk assessments and vehicle safety checks; or supporting your procurement and van-stock management, our systems lets you concentrate on the job.

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