Asset Modelling a Passenger Bus

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Asset Modelling of a Passenger Bus for Maintenance Optimisaton

The approach to modelling bus vehicle assets within  CMMS is nothing new. However the capability of the CMMS may also influence the user when setting up an asset model. Typically, CMMS systems allow asset records, asset location and hierarchy details to be developed, together commonly referred to as the asset model. Within this the location represents either a geographic position, navigation aid or a functional entity and the asset represents the physical entity. The development of a comprehensive register of all maintainable entities can be referred to as the Master Asset Register.

The structure and complexity of the model created needs to be fit for purpose, neither too simplistic nor too complex. It needs to capture the required data to support maintenance reporting and analysis without making it cumbersome for the users to find assets, capture data, and log and complete work orders. It is generally acknowledged that ‘data has to earn its keep’. If you don’t need the data, then why spend the money capturing and maintaining it.

This paper compares a traditional plant asset model against a component-based asset model and illustrates how these can be used within a CMMS. It was initially presented at the Transport Practitioners’ Meeting in July.