A Robust Mobile ATEX Solution

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Drangon LNG

Client Issue

Dragon LNG was using a wholly manual, paper-based ATEX inspection process which was proving to be time consuming and cumbersome to manage. Paper forms had to be filled out by technicians and these were then put into PDF format to upload to the system and the details entered onto a spreadsheet in order to create reports.

The Solution

Although there were ATEX solutions in the market at the time, none of these integrated directly with Maximo and that would prove an issue to John Jones and his team because Maximo was where all Dragon LNG maintenance records were stored. Discussions with Peacock Engineering would shine a new light on the situation, offering what would become an ideal solution.

The Benefits

Although ATEX inspections still require the same time allocation from technicians, the administrative tasks that once followed the inspections have been eradicated as the data is input in real-time directly into Maximo.

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