Agile Methodology for Maximo

One of the key requirements for companies when implementing a business critical asset management solution such as Maximo is to ensure the system can change and adapt to the business requirements quickly and efficiently. The Agile approach can help companies get good results quickly with this in mind, and boost user adoption.

Using consultants with industry domain experience, Peacock Engineering has implemented several end-to-end Maximo projects using the Agile Methodology for development. This approach ensures that the testers and consultants constantly interact with the customer –  the result is that working software is delivered frequently, rather than at the end of a project – resulting in less re-work and a close fit to the user requirement.

In addition to experienced project managers, this approach has been enabled by a proprietary toolset specifically designed to help with code control, deployment procedures, environment management and testing – and clients who see the value in the Agile method.

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Agile for Maximo