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Fingertip for Maximo

A Mobile Solution at Your Fingertips

Fingertip for Maximo transforms the way asset and service management organisations manage their business through improved information and communication for engineers operating in the field. It is anintuitive work management application focused on the needs and expectations of the maintenance team.

Fingertip for Maximo has been built for Maximo on the IBM MobileFirst, a class-leading Mobile Application Development Platform. It recognises as the industry’s most comprehensive Fingertip Mobility takes the key business processes out into the field. It is designed to make the workforce more effective, allowing them to work on-site, carrying out ATEX inspections, even in a hazardous atmosphere.



Modular Design

Although published as a single application, Fingertip has several modules. These operate independently of each other and are licensed individually. However, they all leverage the common framework of Fingertip and, where appropriate, they share meta-data sets. Licensing and entitlement to access each of the modules is managed within the User and Security Group applications in the EAM. As a mobile Fingertip user authenticates with the EAM, their entitlement to access the modules is determined and held on the device.


Intuitive Interface

The design philosophy for Fingertip is that it should be intuitive and straight-forward to use. The objective is that the users should be trained in, and clear about the business process and from that it should be self-evident how to use and interact with Fingertip.


Fingertip provides for both connected and disconnected use; allowing users to bring work details down onto the device while connected and then continue working seamlessly through periods of being disconnected. Fingertip will store the pending transactions in a sequential order such that when a connection is re-established, these can be transmitted in order to ensure that all business rules are preserved. Fingertip supports both 3G/4G and WiFi connectivity, switching seamlessly between the two.






The Fingertip framework has been designed to meet the rigorous data security standards typically deployed in both commercial and government organisations. Through adoption of the TLS1.2 encryption protocol, Fingertip provides full data security both on the device and during data transmission.