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Our Solutions

Whilst we implement COTS products for other organisations, such as IBM, SAP and Click, we also develop and deploy our own range of mobile applications and solutions, supporting today’s ever-increasing mobile workforce.

Our Peacock Engineering designed solution enhancements are designed to extend the functionality of the core products whilst helping to reduce implementation time and costs and thus improve ROI.

Peacock Solution Enhancements

Tools to accelerate implementations and improve customer ROI that have been packaged in such as way that they can be reused in a more cost effective way than developing time and again for each customer.

Cognitive Solutions

View our journey with IBM’s Watson Build Challenge to investigate and discover how Watson cognitive analytics pilot predictive and prescriptive maintenance regimes within the renewables industry.

IBM Control Desk

IBM Control Desk software helps provide complete IT asset management, including inventory, financial, procurement, contract, and license information, in one easy-to-use Web interface.

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