Welcome to Peacock Engineering Ltd, a leading specialist in Asset and Service Management close


Competent project management and systems implementation resources are essential to any successful implementation – they do not, however, define success. Understanding “why the business does what it does” is essential in delivering real process support and improved management capability against a robust and measurable ROI.


Our Services Include


Peacock Engineering has established a Customer Support capability built around a highly experienced team.


SaaS offering to provide clients with access to work and asset management, mobility and optimisation all deployed over the Internet.

Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy services to support the successful implementation of any new work and asset management solution.


Experience tells us that a modest investment in high quality training for the right people is a common success factor for customers to drive the most value out of their systems.


The implementation team has deep expertise in implementing these solutions in the key industries.


Entirely flexible in the way that our technology solutions are financed.