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The UK Manufacturing Industry is under significant pressure to compete on a global scale through the implementation of automation, lean manufacturing techniques and highly rationalised supply chains. We have worked with many manufacturing companies (both discrete and process production), helping them to better maintain assets to support lean manufacturing.

We provide solutions for Manufacturing companies with best practices to improve the productivity and efficiency of critical assets by:

  • Deploying planned, preventive, condition-based and predictive maintenance techniques.
  • Supporting all stages of a Reliability Centred Maintenance process, including initial targeting of the RCM program, implementation, monitoring of results through real-time key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards, and permanently embedding RCM as part of a continuous performance improvement programme.
  • Improving the control of assets, maintenance operations and service spare parts through better procurement, inventory, work, asset and contract management.
  • Better communication between operations and maintenance personnel through shared information.
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