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Fingertip consists of a core application with five modules. The core application supports offline working, allowing photography, barcoding and GPS working in Maximo.



Fingertip Work Execution

Work Execution is the most commonly used module of Fingertip. When work is assigned to a mobile user in Maximo, Fingertip delivers this work to the relevant mobile device. The application usability has been a key design consideration. Fingertip aims to be the tool which makes a technician’s working day easier, whilst capturing everything the business needs. Key features are:

  • Flexible workflow to meet any business requirement with all administration managed through the Maximo interface.
  • Key labour records are captured through status transition without the needs for user input, but with support for manual overrides if required.
  • Signature Capture, Risk Assessment acknowledgements, Mobile Forms, Failure Coding, GIS Mapping and multiple data ‘Sync’ options are also featured within Work Execution.

Service Request Module

This module links directly to the SR function within Maximo and supports all of Maximo’s native SR functionality. Key features are:

  • View Service Requests raised on the device and track customer tickets in the field.
  • View and add Service Logs.
  • Use barcoding to raise Service Requests against assets or locations.
  • Full Service Request classification hierarchy is available on the device for the capture of more accurate data.


Dispatcher Module

This module allows field operators to Dispatch Maximo Work Orders to other users/vendors. Key features are:

  • List view of all pending work. The query defining the view of work is editable in Maximo, for example; filter by region, by site, by priority or any number of Maximo variable.
  • The list of users/vendors available to the field user can be defined in Maximo. Queries may be user specific or generic by role.
  • Work can be selected and assigned to the available user or vendor by the supervisor in the field.


Inventory Module

This module is aimed at Field Operators who may use stock from storerooms and manage van stock, or Central Store Managers who receive and issue stock. Key features are:

  • View the balance of items by storerooms/item/bin or by item condition.
  • Issue/Return items to and from a Work Order by searching for the inventory available, or filter by reservations.
  • Switch storerooms to view other stores.
  • Available stores can be conditional to the user and configured in Maximo.


Live Work Orders Module

This module integrates with Fingertip’s Work Execution Module and allows field operators to self-assign work from a pool of available work. Key features include:

  • A pool of work available in Maximo visible to the user.
  • A conditional query which is used to allow a subset to view this work pool and self-assign work. This will result in work being brought into the users Work Execution module.


Work Order History

This module integrates with Fingertip’s Work Execution Module and allows field operators to view the history of work by location and/or assets. Key features are:

  • Allows for the navigation of location and asset hierarchy on the device.
  • Asset maintenance history to a definable level available to the field technician.
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