IBM Maximo Asset Management User Guides

The IBM Maximo Asset Management system allows organisations to manage all varieties of assets, by expressing asset capabilities and monitoring details of these assets to provide the correct documentation, that can be automatically inputted into work streams. Version is the latest instalment of Maximo, however, many organisations are still operating on version 7.5 (and above). Companies are using Maximo to view the conditions and locations of their assets and the work processes that support them to deliver optimal planning, control, audit and compliance capability.

Version 7.6 saw new features and elements that would enable organisations to attain greater productivity in managing assets through usability, integration, installation and business intelligence improvements. IBM frequently update their software ensuring that the Maximo system fulfils the requirements of the users. Version invited new Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications and a new Licence Usage Monitor application to the system. The newest features added in version, include Work Supervision and Work Execution Work Centers tools.

IBM have created user guides that describe and shows users some of these features within all the versions of Maximo and how to utilise them in the most appropriate way for your organisation. They can be viewed here.

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