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An expanding asset base for ESB means more Wind Farm assets, turbine service contracts to manage and more maintenance activity to schedule. The existing multitude of systems were delivering limited visibility of asset status and were proving difficult to control with an ever increasing portfolio. Add to that high volumes of data and the challenge was significant

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Many of Infinis’ sites are located in remote areas and most of its generators run without any need for human oversight or intervention. Because most of the sites are unmanned, the company relies on a sophisticated network of IT systems to enable remote management and report any problems

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Penn Pharma

A cutting-edge, multi-million pound investment in physical infrastructure demands robust, feature-rich maintenance systems. IBM Maximo delivered as a hosted service provides the latest and greatest asset and work management functionality that is constantly updated and enhanced while being supported by a team of industry and technical experts at all times

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In industries traditionally relying on paper-based records, managing workflow and gaining insight into operations can be expensive. How
could roadway specialists VolkerHighways manage thousands of complex work orders efficiently and effectively? Read more about the approach taken

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Tayside Fire and Rescue

With more than 15,000 emergency calls received annually, Tayside Fire and Rescue needed to ensure around-the-clock availability of all its critical emergency response assets. The organisation used a manual asset management process that made it difficult to accurately and timely manage asset maintenance as well as prevent errors. See how it changed its approach to asset management

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Dragon LNG

A wholly manual, paper-based ATEX inspection process was proving time consuming and cumbersome to manage. Although there were ATEX solutions on the market at the time, none of these integrated directly with Maximo and that would prove an issue to John Jones and his team because Maximo was where all Dragon LNG maintenance records were stored. Discussions with Peacock Engineering would shine a new light on the situation, offering what would become an ideal solution.

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Flogas Britain Ltd

Develops its IBM Maximo system with support from Peacock Engineering and doubles the number of users as IBM Maximo gains traction across the business.

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Rapid Implementation

When client, Carillion, was facing 5 days downtime, we reduced it to three hours.

This lengthy downtime, unsurprisingly, was unacceptable to the client who requires the system live to run over 30 of their FM contracts.

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