ClickSoftware and Peacock Engineering Deliver Joint Webinar

Roger Walker from Peacock Engineering and Paul Whitelam from ClickSoftware have worked together, to demonstrate how best in class systems give a seamless asset management approach.

IBM’s Maximo Asset Management is the engine and the source for our assets and work. It is the core for a continuous process between ClickScheduler and Fingertip, where data is transferred to both applications through Maximo.

ClickScheduler uses a Gantt chart to display a user’s team and their assigned work, surrounded by panels that help a user understand what work is available in the field.

ClickScheduler ensures how effective scheduling releases the field-based team’s potential. It uses key metrics, such as; utilisation rates, cost of service delivery and travel costs, to find the right worker, with the rights skills and the right tools – at the right place, at the right time. Using ‘rules’, such as; task type, location, customer and availability, ClickScheduler automatically calculates an engineer who is best suited for the job.

Fingertip allows engineers out in the field to view and complete work orders on their mobiles assigned to them from ClickScheduler. It has added functions to improve the user experience, including; inventory management, service requests, attachment and meter reading capabilities. When an engineer begins a work order on Fingertip, it sends this information to Maximo, changing the work orders status, which then updates ClickScheduler automatically to display the job as ‘started’.

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To see this seamless process in action, watch the webinar below.

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